Royale Projects celebrates first year at its Los Angeles location.

October 6 – December 23, 2016

Celebrating its one-year anniversary in downtown Los Angeles, Royale Projects puts the spotlight on a group exhibition titled Shine Time to consider themes of finish, sensation, perception, and subjectivity in the main gallery. Through various materials and surfaces that are reflective, metallic, and monochromatic, this exhibition includes mixed media, neon, paintings, and sculptures by Ryan Campbell, Alejandro Diaz, Ewerdt Hilgemann, Karen Lofgren, Ken Lum, Kristin McIver, and Rubén Ortiz Torres.

Gold Flood by Lofgren seeps from the edge of a wall becoming a puddle actually made with wood and paint with its own visible and intentional imperfections. Hilgemann’s Dancer was created by vacuuming air from the polished stainless steel structure to capture a moment of implosion. Ortiz Torres’ Flag Spectre is comprised of urethane and pearls on aluminum producing a black mirror out of the U.S. stars and stripes making us see our own image in his work. Almost flag-like in composition, Campbell’s Line Segments #20 of woven, intersecting solid stripes of painted reds and blacks includes precious metallic gold leaf that appears to be deteriorating. In her Typecast Series, McIver addresses the cultural phenomenon of selfies and their construction with embedded mirrors. The bright red neon by Diaz literally makes the viewer question “Does this sign make me look fat?” conflating issues of self-image and oppressive advertising tactics. Similarly, Lum’s Natividad Castillo Wants Respect is part of the artist’s Portrait-Logo series juxtaposing bold emotional text in acrylic and color photographic portraits.

Also currently on view at Royale Projects are paintings and sculptures by Jane Callister, Kenneth Capps, Clinton Hill, David Allan Peters, Peter Shelton, Phillip K. Smith III, and Matt Wedel.