Special Project: PHILLIP K SMITH III Dartmouth residency Exhibition: Phillip K Smith III: Light + Shadow Works
Dartmouth residency Exhibition: Phillip K Smith III: Light + Shadow Works,

COMING SOON IN NOVEMBER 2015 TO THE NEW LA ROYALE PROJECTS: Phillip K Smith III's "Light + Shadow" Debut in Los Angeles Phillip K Smith III calls his newest white sculptural forms the "Light + Shadow" series, which he debuted in April 2015 at his artist in residence exhibition at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. These forms relay a deceptive simplicity by stripping away his hallmark technology and color. Instead, these sculptures capture the sublime purity of light and shadow. Relying on the presence and absence of ambient light to render the forms, this new body of work capitalizes on the elegance of reductive minimalism. Another prominent component of the "Light + Shadow" series includes Smith III's Faceted Discs. The artist has dedicated himself toward creating 100 new Faceted Disc works, releasing 10 "generations" of 10 Discs. The first 10-20 released in 2014-2015 employ some of the same formal tenets of the over-arching "Light + Shadow" series, wherein the work relies solely on light and shadow's relationship to the surface. The Discs display specific angles and slants --each inherently unique --to complete the reflective, faceted interplay between visual planes and ambient light. Above photos of Phillip K Smith III's "Light + Shadow" series by Lance Gerber.