Phillip K Smith III
Lucid Stead: Four Windows and a Doorway

Phillip K Smith III’s “Lucid Stead: Four Windows and a Doorway” makes use of the original window and door components that were once part of his renowned, eponymous Joshua Tree mirrored homestead cabin installation from 2013. Now, Smith III reconfigures the windows and doorway from the desert cabin structure and creates an entirely new experiential installation of reflective color and light in the gallery environment. Smith III explains:

“The progression of my work through these various projects has been about changing a core mixture of ingredients, including light, shadow, color, space, environment, distillation of form, and change. ‘Lucid Stead’ combined all of these into one work. ‘Four Windows and a Doorway’, however, turns Lucid Stead inside out and removes the environment, allowing these five elements to interact, reflect, and mix through spatial and perspectival relationships.”

By turning the panes towards each other, the changing hues infinitely reflect and merge with one another, while the shifting and blending light washes over the space, allowing the viewer to focus on the interaction of pure color.