EXPO Profile, Booth 823, Ken Lum

Highlighting Ken Lum’s iconic works from the 1980s, Royale Projects will feature a selection from the series Portrait Attributes and Furniture Sculptures for EXPO CHICAGO 2017.

Initiating the international fall art season each September, EXPO CHICAGO hosts leading art galleries presented alongside one of the highest quality platforms for global contemporary art and culture. Royale Projects introduces a booth highlighting iconic works from the 1980s by Ken Lum in the invitational section EXPO PROFILE.

EXPO PROFILE presents solo booths and focused projects by established international galleries. Showcasing ambitious installations and tightly focused thematic exhibitions, this invitational section features major projects by a single artist or collective, providing a curatorial platform for solo presentations.

Navy Pier, Festival Hall A
600 East Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611